Tanks 3 & 4

A red and white crayfish in tanks 3 & 4, (last post featured tank 2, sorry for leaving that out)!

AG has successfully bred the white one, with little babies scooting around in another tank.  As you can see, she has a smaller right claw. He successfully separates the babies  so they will not cannibalize as they mature.
That in another post.



    1. They are approx 5 inches, and although you could put them in, they will eat the plants,
      and clip a fin or two. My husband keeps large ones in his community tank, and hardly any losses. But plants will get eaten from time to time. If you keep them well fed, the fewer the losses of plants, and fins…

  1. These Crayfish are fascinating! We take Crayfish for granted, as fishbait, but I can see that they are an amazing animal. I hope to set up a Native Aquarium someday with some small crayfish. Your blog has got me reading about Crayfish here in Iowa, I never knew we had 8 species of them!

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