A Reason for the Absence…Sayonara Salt Tank, We Hardly Knew Ye…

Packing up the tank

Tank 5 was originally a salt tank, with a brittle star, emerald crab, goby, and the usual round of suspects-bristle worms. And AG sold it.



Yes, to an eager aquarist of his own right, who was seriously growing and propagating corals. We had a nice collection, which carefully were placed in several buckets, along with a 30 gallon tub full of live rock, as well as all the marine life carefully and lovingly bagged in the right temperature water. To ensure the safety of all fish, crustaceans, and corals involved, we met our craigslist customer halfway so he would not have to drive the extra mileage and time to our place and back to his, thus exposing his new breed to any further discomfort or endangering their lives.  The new owner was happy customer as we carefully loaded his car, as his toy poodle companion looked on with glowing support. He drove off waving and smiling. We trusted he would take good care of this tank, and all the life in it, as he asked all the right questions, and then some. Good guy.

So now only 8 tanks? Au contraire; we became craigslist customers ourselves to another serious fishkeeper. A 29 gallon Eclipse, which houses…discus.  More sooner than later. Again, our apologies!

Here’s some shots of the former tank 5:







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