Tank 5: african cichlids

Here is the cichlid tank, now moved up to tank 5. AG painstakingly put this together for me, as I developed a fondness for Africans. Notice his handmade stone cave dwellings, perfect for camping out and giving each cichlid his or her own personal space. As I am learning, each cichlid has their personality, especially when they have a tendency to be territorial. I also am learning labs do not apply just to mans best furry friend, and what a moori is. We do have an Egyptian mouth brooder, who did take care of her babies a la bouche. The babies are still here, and growing nicely in another tank, our tropical community. Pictures to follow sometime soon.








    1. PS: whenever you decide to start one up, feel free to ask my aquarium geek; he seems to keep these and other tanks going pretty well, and helps out our friends too…:) sure you can do it!

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