Baby Crays Nursery, Not What You Think


It may seem like close quarters, but AG raises these juveniles in compartments like this so they will not cannibalize each other. Never fear, they are monitored daily, fed with the appropriate sized baster, and given plenty of light and air, besides fresh, clean water of course. And of all things, the nursery was originally sold as a sewing organizer from a local craft store. Just a little resourcefulness from my aquarium geek.



    1. Hi there,
      thanks for asking. It is completely cleaned at least once a week with same said baster. Water is sucked out, and then clean, balanced water put back in each compartment. If one “crib” looks particularly dirty, it is cleaned out right away. When crays outgrow this and are cleared from harming each other, they are then put in either larger containers with the same conditions or in a tank with other crays who will not harm them.

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