O Joy! Koi?

Last year AG bought some plants for his parents’ koi pond, (which he built himself for their anniversary).  He noticed eggs on the roots of the water hyacinths.  Snail eggs? The owner of the pet shop where he bought the plants did not want the eggs, and generously told AG to try to see if he could nurse them along.

Can you guess what they were?

Well, not quite koi.  But shubunkin and goldfish.  Hundreds and hundreds of them.  When we shared the news with family and friends, the most common question was, “What do they eat?”  AG fed them First Bites.

True koi lovers may be disappointed, but it was a joy to raise them.  We gave some away to fish friends and family, donated some to public ponds, and kept some as well.

Photos of an adult one next week!



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