Many apologies, dear readers, and you too, shubunkin. Your photo op has arrived.

So embarrassing…not only has it been so long since we last posted, but the photo I promised of the shubunkin is not so great:

Do you see him/her on the left hand side? Measuring about 5 inches, it was pretty difficult to catch this one “on film”.   And, to make matters worse, that is the last surviving photo, as we gave this one away as well to a neighbor who sadly lost all her koi and other goldfish in her outdoor pond over the winter.

Here is a shot of another goldfish we raised.  It was kind of an ugly duckling if you will, not really receiving any attention over the year as more iridescent tropical fish were being added to tank 1. However, the color has been really catching my eye as of late: a glittery copper. This photo really does not do the fish any justice…but at least we managed to finally share them with you!

Again…our apologies. Spring is kind of a busy month here.  The tanks have been  dutifully cared for though, never fear-properly cleaned, changed, and the fish well taken care of.  So much so, that AG also managed to breed…more next post!


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