Angel Babies

AG’s favorite black angel and blue platinum had some angel babies.

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This is actually not the first time it’s happened. Unfortunately, though, the eggs from the first time around didn’t make it. AG, upon research, separated them from their parents, in a tiny cube in another tank.  That batch did not survive.

A couple of weeks later AG noticed, on one of the swords, one leaf in particular that the angels meticulously cleaned.  It was smoother and shinier than any other leaves. It seemed like the angels were going to try again. So, upon further research, (George from Aqualife in Providence), AG was told to insert a divider in the angel tank, away from any other fish, who may pose a threat to their brooding young. This way the angels won’t eat their own.  So far so good. Any other suggestions? This is AG’s first experience with breeding angels.


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