Expedition Copperhead

Here is that little “surprise” from our recent Field Trip:

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Our guess-a copperhead? Correct us if we are wrong. Sorry the photos are a bit blurry. This is actually a series of snapshots from a video taken from a subsequent visit after a couple of days. We had to go back as the weather was nice and the place is so beautiful yet secluded. I am not sure if this is the same snake we saw on our first trip-that photo, which I originally intended to share, is below, so diehard reptile fans can compare.  Imagine our double surprise when we captured another snake sighting!  So, yes, as one of our fellow fish bloggers accurately guessed, a snake was the surprise. Other wildlife seen that day and on the second visit: fish, of course, rainbow and bass, a heron, snapping turtle, and other turtles, various dragonfly larvae, etc…there’s so much life in just a small area. It makes you really appreciate all living things and the beautiful design and way they all work and live together. Amazing.




  1. Hi! It’s a Northern Water Snake. It’s non-venomous, but they can be nasty little buggers. And the big ones get dark-colored and scary looking and are even more grumpy. We have a lot of them here in Iowa. They do get mistaken for Water Moccasins, and killed because of it. I think the younger ones are beautiful snakes.

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