A Visit To Uncle Ned’s

A fish shop, not a relative. Uncle Ned’s Fish Factory is found in quiet Millis, MA, and we decided to visit on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  Actually, it poured, a welcome relief from the unbearable humidity New England experienced the days before.  Beautiful water plants, lilies and the like, welcomed us as we walked into the non-pretentious fish lovers’ haven.

plants for your koi pond

Renowned for its amazing cichlid collection, Uncle Ned’s is for the fish connoisseur, and a fish geek’s dream.  In addition to the diverse cichlid availability, the choices for koi  are varied, with white koi dancing with the raindrops in their huge tubs outside, or the bigger long finned ones swimming center stage inside the premises.

koi dance

The staff is great, helpful when you need them.  One of the workers was great about MAG picking his own crayfish, which was a huge find for him. Self cloning marbled crays, with eggs no less.

self cloning marbled crays

What really impressed me, however, is that I did not see any unhealthy fish, or a forgotten corpse floating in any tank corners. That testifies to the integrity of Uncle Ned’s, and their dedication and care to our finned friends.  If you are in the area, it’s definitely worth the trip.

a new friend, peacock bass

More photos to be found on flickr…soon!


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