A Visit To Jay’s

Jay’s Aquatics in Salem, New Hampshire is known for its amazing salt water collection and expertise, but did you know they have a pretty diverse freshwater selection as well?

MAG is a regular customer, and drops off some of his bonsai creations too. Full of java moss, these trees and creatures are available in the shrimp tank, where yellows and cherry reds forage among the branches and mouths of…whatever exactly that sea monster is. Giant salamander?

giant salamander? bonsai sea creature for freshwater tanks, made by My Aquarium Geek

Brittany is not only a hardworking staff member who tirelessly takes care of the tanks, but is an invaluable resource of information. She helps customers choose the right tanks, the right fish, and for the right reasons, which is great for any novice.  She is always there to advise on proper pH levels, fish health, and when a fresh load of that special pleco you want is arriving.

We went to Jay’s to check out their latest arrivals of cichlids, as well as to stock up on some java moss for MAG.  Their freshwater department is located in the back of the store, after you wind your way through the array of beautiful corals.  In the center of the freshwater room are tubs of various koi and shubunkin.  It is a great variety, and right now sales are going on as we head into the winter season.

Freshwater department at Jay’s Aquatics

Jay’s prices are always on the reasonable side, however.  For a saltwater enthusiast, this is a given place to go, but for a freshwater fishkeeper, whether a newbie or advanced aquarist, you just might be surprised how much Jay’s is already offering.

Jay’s Aquatics,

10 Lawrence Road

Salem, NH 03079


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