Pretty (Cray) in Pink

My aquarium geek is excited about his latest crayfish color morph: a true pink!

This Procambarus Clarkii crayfish is a male.

A pink procambarus clarkii crayfish

A pink procambarus clarkii crayfish

So far he has only one pair of these, but once they are mature hopefully craybies will be on the (pink) horizon.

More news to follow!


Come Visit Crayfish City!

We are now on Tumblr, with a place just for crays:

Crayfish City

Please follow us there and see how life is in Crayfish City.  You might see the streets lined with some bonsai, and an occasional visiting shrimp or finned friend passing through.

Come visit Crayfish City:

Come visit Crayfish City:

Scenes From Crayfish City

Just a random scene of a young cray finding some solitude despite the shrimp next door.

just hangin' out

just hangin’ out


Hello, October, and Goodbye, Busy Summer

No excuses, but we have been busy.  MAG has been breeding various strains of crays, and shipping them out once they are swimming and scurrying on their own!

Of course, this is in addition to the regular responsibilities and realities of everyday life. One last look at a warm fishing day in September, and onward to more updates from MAG!