Aqua Bonsai Creatures

Aqua Bonsai Creatures

This one is of Mossman. Fully posable, you can have him guard your fish, or just chill out while enjoying his finned friends, or shrimp neighbors.


The Unique Beauty of Ramshorn Snails

Despite the temptation to muse over the Fibonacci Sequence, thought I’d let these close ups taken by MAG speak for themselves:

2013-01-02 09.10.51

2013-01-02 09.16.05

2013-01-02 09.16.12

2013-01-10 01.53.09

2013-01-10 01.53.18

2013-01-11 12.36.24

2013-01-11 13.53.42 2013-01-11 13.56.57

Baby Plecos







Recently, MAG bred some baby bristlenose plecos. The father was very protective as he hovered over the babies, nestled safely in a cavelike shelter, ( a small, terra cotta colored, unused flower pot). So far the babies are maturing nicely, both in black and white color variations.  MAG faithfully feeds them and the parents boiled organic zucchini, summer squash, and cucumbers.  The love the veggie feast!  Scattered throughout the many tanks, we will update everyone on their growth and behavior!


Cherax Beauty





Sharing one My Aquarium Geek’s favorites: his prized Cherax Destructor. This male, originating from Australia, measures four inches, for now.  Reaching up to twelve inches upon maturity, they can resemble lobsters.  We will see how this guy fares.  He is enjoying his domain, happy with java moss and constant care from MAG.