The Details Are In The Crayfish


Vermont Find

It wasn’t a hidden, unexplored trail, or even a new line of maple syrup, even though we tasted an awesome blend of it with chipotle sauce at Saratoga Olive Oil shop in Burlington. Really-a must try!

It was this little guy:

mountain lady

mountain lady

Actually, turned out to be a lady. She had a glaze on her, which meant she would berry soon. MAG kept digging around rocks and crevices throughout the many cold streams of Smuggler’s Notch that he could find.  A recent flood washed many fish further south, as exposed tree roots bore witness to that.

Upon research, this lady cray is a Cambarus Bartonii.  Do any of you have much experience with their behavior or breeding habits?  More photos to come, including powerful Fairfax Falls and another crayfish mystery.

It’s Been A While

2013-03-20 16.14.16

And we’re sorry about that.  We have a lot of crayfish stories to tell, including one found in the mountains of Vermont.

MAG has been busy these days, but we will post about our crazy cray days soon.  In the meantime, enjoy our new friend and a revamped blog.  Tell us if you like the new layout.  We’re in the early stages, so feedback is welcome!

Cobalt Blue Crayfish p. Clarkii Rare Color Morph, and New Arrival: Ludos!

beautiful cobalt blue against a freshwater green

beautiful cobalt blue against a freshwater green

My apologies for not elaborating on this specimen; I do not know much about it except for the above title. I love the color scheme, almost peacock colors, of the iridescent cobalt blue against the lush green of the freshwater plants.

MAG hasn’t told me much about this one, mainly because he is excited over his new shipment of ludovicianus, or Ludos as we commonly call them.  They already have been marking their territory, quite aggressively, and will have to live in their own tanks.  Perhaps it was due to almost being lost en route from Louisana to the much colder New England area.  More on them soon!

a new ludo

a new ludo, gorgeous colors

another new ludo

another new ludo