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Aqua Bonsai Creatures

Aqua Bonsai Creatures

This one is of Mossman. Fully posable, you can have him guard your fish, or just chill out while enjoying his finned friends, or shrimp neighbors.


Filtered Fish

Just a little update.  MAG is now posting pics on instagram.

If you like, follow username “aquabonsai.”  We’re just getting started, so not a lot of photos just yet.

Fish and crustaceans filtered!  The moss man, seen on etsy above, is filter free.

Crayfish City

To keep all the crays happy and respecting each others’ spaces, tank 6 is now Crayfish City. AG did some city planning for them, and carved out special places for them to roost. Being resourceful as always, he upcycled some pieces of thick foam. Making sure everything was clean and not easily clawable, he fashioned little nooks and crannies, divided the tank in two with a larger piece, and set aside one on each side of the tank. Everyone seems to be happy. The funny thing is, they swap houses. Image




For Aquarium Geeks Only, Including This One

So AG’s handmade bonsai trees for the tank are in an etsy treasury, by CharmTopia.  Thanks so much, CharmTopia! More fish chronicles to come.

Check it out, just click on the tree:

Aqua Bonsai Deluxe For Your Tank