Aqua Bonsai Creatures

Aqua Bonsai Creatures

This one is of Mossman. Fully posable, you can have him guard your fish, or just chill out while enjoying his finned friends, or shrimp neighbors.


We Have To Try Betta’

A while ago, MAG tried breeding bettas.  Have any of you had success?

male betta

He taught me that when you see bubbles form in the tank, then it’s time to bring the bettas together, out of their solitary confinement if you will, as they are ready to start taking care of the brood. The young will be safe in a bubble like environment, literally.


No baby bettas.  We ended up giving the fish as graduation gifts to a couple of family friends’ kids who graduated high school. They loved them, although we had to sadly split up the couple.   I loved photographing the fins on the male, as they danced through the water. So many beautiful colors and patterns, in such a flash, it is endless the way the colors reflected the light, especially in water. Any tips for next time? Maybe we will try again, and make it betta.  Sorry.

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Cichlid Pair in Tank 8

Mated pair of apistograma cacatoides triple red, (means red on 3 fins), from South America.  This is the highest grade these cichlids come in.  Very rare and this pair has bred 3 times in the fluval edge before being moved to the 40 gallon.   That is a catappa leaf in the background.  It helps with balancing the water in the tank, adding tannins, good bacteria, and also creates good breeding conditions.  AG sometimes boils the leaves, lets cool, then adds to the tank. Sometimes he just throws the dry leaves in.